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Welcome To The Homepage of North Shore Lacrosse 

Our Mission

The North Shore Lacrosse Club (NSLC) is a 501C-3 not-for-profit organization which promotes and supports the sport of lacrosse in our community which is located on the North Shore of Long Island, NY. The primary goal of the club is to teach and develop youth players through various instructional clinics and to competitively compete in leagues and tournaments.  The end goal is to provide the North Shore High School Varsity Men's and Women's Lacrosse coaches with experienced players who can positively contribute to the high school teams.


  • If you have a question about youth lacrosse in our community, please contact one of our two Directors of Lacrosse:
    • Tim Colbert : Girls Lacrosse : : 516-702-8851
    • Tom Kaufman : Boys Lacrosse : : 516-318-9624
  • If you have a question about the registration process or billing, please contact one of our two Treasurers:
    • Mike Gilliam : NSLC Co-Treasurer :
    • Dean Wagner : NSLC Co-Treasurer :
  • If you have a question about fundraising or volunteer opportunities, please contact our President:
    • John Russo : NSLC President : : 516-383-4213
  • If you have a question about upcoming meeting dates, the agenda for meetings, or the minutes from prior meetings, please contact our Secretary:
    • Courtney FitzPatrick : NSLC Secretary :
  • If you have a question about post-collegiate men's lacrosse, please contact:
    • Kevin Kaffl : : : 516-281-6975


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