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Each year, all kindergarten and first grade students who are residents of the North Shore School District are invited to participate in the North Shore Lacrosse "Drive for 100" program.

The instructional goal of the program is to introduce kids to the sport of lacrosse in a safe and fun community-based environment.

The enrollment goal for the program is to enroll 50 North Shore boys with an equal distribution of kids from the three elementary schools.  The program also seeks to identify parent-volunteers to help coach & implement the North Shore Lacrosse curriculum.

The registration fee for the first year in the program is $199.  This initial fee includes all of the necessary equipment for your child to keep.  The equipment should last approximately 3 years.

The first year fee also enrolls your child in the 4-session fall instructional clinic and the 4-session spring instructional clinic.

When scheduling our sessions, North Shore Lacrosse makes every effort to avoid conflicts with other sports.  We encourage all of our players to participate in the other sports & activities offered in our community.

Please click anywhere on this page to be redirected to the registration page.

When you're redirected to the registration page & scroll down to the desired registration section, please note the distinctions between the programs.  This will ensure that your child is properly enrolled with his grade and is safely outfitted with the necessary equipment:



Questions? Contact Tom Kaufman : : 516-318-9624